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February 1, 2020

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Text: Leviticus 1-4
Audio: Leviticus 1-4

Psalm 52 (ESV)

To the choirmaster. A Maskil of David, when Doeg, the Edomite, came and told Saul, “David has come to the house of Ahimelech.”

Why do you boast of evil, O mighty man?
    The steadfast love of God endures all the day.
Your tongue plots destruction,
    like a sharp razor, you worker of deceit.
You love evil more than good,
    and lying more than speaking what is right. Selah
You love all words that devour,
    O deceitful tongue.

But God will break you down forever;
    he will snatch and tear you from your tent;
    he will uproot you from the land of the living. Selah
The righteous shall see and fear,
    and shall laugh at him, saying,
“See the man who would not make
    God his refuge,
but trusted in the abundance of his riches
    and sought refuge in his own destruction!”

But I am like a green olive tree
    in the house of God.
I trust in the steadfast love of God
    forever and ever.
I will thank you forever,
    because you have done it.
I will wait for your name, for it is good,
    in the presence of the godly.

English Standard Version (ESV)
The Holy Bible, English Standard Version. ESV® Text Edition: 2016. Copyright © 2001 by Crossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.

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This Post Has 2 Comments
  1. Why do you boast of evil, O mighty man? (Psalm 52:1a)

    Boasting of Evil or the Lord?

    The heading of today's psalm gives us insight into what motivated David to write this psalm:

    "To the choirmaster. A Maskil of David, when Doeg, the Edomite, came and told Saul, 'David has come to the house of Ahimelech.'"

    The result of this report was the massacre of eighty-five of the priests of Nob, their wives, children and others in Nob by Doeg (who David is referencing in Psalm 52 as the "evil…mighty man"). The whole account is found in 1 Samual chapters 21 and 22. 

    David knows the fate of Doeg and others who are unrighteous – they will be destroyed (Psalm 52:5). 

    It seems odd that David writes that the righteous will "see and hear" and will "laugh", at "the man who would not make God his refuge, but trusted in the abundance of his riches and sought refuge in his own destruction" (Psalm 52:7). 

    Donald Williams writes in The Preacher's Commentary, "God’s wrath on the mighty man serves also as a warning to the 'righteous,' those who submit to God’s covenant relationships. Thus they 'see' God’s judgment, God’s action. Their response then is 'fear'; they are in awe of what God has done. The laughter that comes may express mocking or relief that they have not suffered such a fate."

    In his commentary on the psalms, Gerald Wilson writes, "The fall of the deceitful wicked provides an object lesson the righteous can take to heart. The 'fear' that is produced is not abject terror but the appropriate fear of Yahweh, which characterizes what Israel understands to be the right relationship of dependence on and loyalty to Yahweh and his unfailing love. That the destruction of the wicked is the consequence of their lack of trust in God is explicitly stated in the mocking laughter of the spectators: He 'did not make God his stronghold but trusted in his great wealth' (52:7). Behind the laughter, however, stands a clear admonition not to follow this path to destruction."

    If we look at our world, it might look to us that people get away with murder. Evil seemingly runs unimpeded and people are often not brought to justice for the evil they do. 

    Rest assured that unrighteous people will be held accountable by God even if they never see their day in court while they are living. They may boast in evil and be a "mighty man" but God is the Almighty God and has promised justice will be served. 

    For those of us who have trust Christ for our salvation, we are the recipients of God's grace who, although unrighteous, are clothed with the righteousness of Christ which saves us from the wrath of God when we stand before Him in judgment. 

    That is why if we boast, it is in the Lord!

    Jeremiah 9:24 says, "Let him who boasts boast in this, that he understands and knows me, that I am the LORD who practices steadfast love, justice, and righteousness in the earth. For in these things I delight, declares the LORD.”

    ~ Puritan Prayers ~

    "When I Am Sick" by Robert Hawker

    "You have refreshed my soul, Lord, with many sweet songs, when all the world was to me asleep, and could not interrupt my happiness.

    How often have I been blessed with the harmony of the songs of redemption, and run over in some of the blessed verses of it.

    Jesus has loved me, and given himself for me. Yes, Lord! I think I have been often awakened in the night by you, and I have found my soul instantly led out by your grace, to a sense of your presence, and to a desire for you.

    Precious Redeemer, grant me frequent visits, and sweet messages of your grace. And if in your wise and kind providence, sickness, or pain, or afflictions are at any time appointed me, stay by me, Lord. Keep my heart in sweet recollection of you. That way, in the multitude of my heart’s sorrows, your comforts may refresh my soul."

    (Excerpt taken from Piercing Heaven: Prayers of the Puritans)

  2. The fact that I am forgiven for my desperately wicked past is so incredible to me. 

    I'm deeply sorry for so much, and I lay it all at God's feet everyday. I have turned away from those behaviors and turned my face to Him, and His goodness and mercy blow my mind ever single day.

    I know that I don't deserve anything from Him, and yet, He is there, loving, protecting and providing for me. 

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